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Total No. of Buyers Added: 20000 Total No. of Suppliers Added: 5000 Total No. of New Products Added: 20000 Total No. of New Contacts Added/Updated: 25000

Chemxpert Database

CHEMXPERT DATABASE is a game-changer in the Lifesciences industries.

Our Database, CHEMXPERT is world's first Buyer & Supplier information platform for entire lifesciences industries, We have developed the world's most innovative online tool using our very own data intelligence algorithms and qualified data sources.

With our very own buyer and supplier database, you can search, analyze & download any buyer and supplier details with just a few easy clicks and reach your targeted leads.

We offer our services at extremely affordable pricing and have the best price-to-quality ratio in the industry. Our clients usually use this as a raw materials supplier finding tool and business lead purposes.

We are the only company in the world to provide supplier and buyer tools at one platform and even if we have some supplier tool competitors, we stand out because of our quality.

Our aim is to provide clean and extremely qualified data. We also guarantee a 90% accuracy rate.

We provide our clients premium data, including Buying or supplying quantity, email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses with human-verified contact information and much more.

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Why Chemxpert Database

Search & Download:

  • Within minutes, you could download a database of buyers & suppliers contacts and start connecting with your business prospects

Ready Files:

  • Download your list as a .csv & pdf file and integrate it into your CRM and start business

Unlimited Search:

  • CHEMXPERT DATABASE Offer unlimited searches

Premium Full Contacts:

  • Contact from every angle by email, phone, postal address,and much more. Don't miss your chance to make a connection

90% Accuracy Guarantee:

  • If more than 10% of our emails bounce back, we'll provide credits for more data

International Product Range:

  • Connect with high-level managers and decision makers at companies in more than 230 countries

Unmatched Accuracy:

  • Automated & manual processes ensure the accuracy of our human-verified lists

Affordable Pricing

  • Quality email lists enable businesses to make B2B connections for an amazingly low price

    Industry Serving

  • Agrochemical Actives
  • Agrochemical Formulation
  • Fertilizers
  • Biotech Products
  • Vaccines
  • Dyes Chemicals
  • Excipients
  • Inorganic Chemicals
  • Organic Chemicals
  • Neutraceuticals Chemicals
  • Polymers
  • Radio-active Chemicals
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical Intermediates
  • Pharmaceuticals Actives
  • Pharmaceuticals Formulation
  • Pigment Chemicals
  • Food-additive Chemicals
  • Paint Chemicals
  • Coating Chemicals
  • Cosmetic & Perfumery Chemicals
  • Soap Chemicals
  • Waxes
  • Medical Imaging Chemicals
  • Photographic Paper Industries
  • Automobile Chemicals
  • Oil & Lubrication Chemicals
  • Plastic Chemicals
  • Rubber Chemicals
  • Enzyme Products
  • Specialty Chemicals

    Information Coverage

  • Product Name
  • Synonyms
  • CAS No.
  • Application Area
  • Buyer Name OR Supplier Name
  • Company Category
  • Buying Quantity OR Supplying Quantity
  • Contact Person
  • Designation
  • Email ID
  • Contact Number
  • Country
  • Continent
Call now & learn more! +91-120-4670901-934