The current global active pharmaceutical ingredient market size is valued at over USD 170 billion. Progress in active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing process, growth of the biopharmaceutical sector & continuous demographical changes are the main factors behind the growth of the pharmaceutical market. For the prediction period of five years i.e. 2021 to 2026, it is estimated to register a CAGR of over 6 %.Rising occurrence of infectious diseases is predicted to boost market growth during the prediction period .

The production of API requires a good capital investment because the process has to follow the protocols systematically. After the patent expiry of a drug the R&D investments that are done by the company are no longer beneficial for them. Thus, pharmaceutical companies outsource API production & saves huge capital expenditures as it eliminates the requirement for labour force and installation of expensive manufacturing units.

In our API market size database, we provide information for around 1 Million molecules of various industries and cover approx. 237 countries. Out of over 1 million molecules there are more than 4500 APIs. Our database covers these APIs, and for these APIs we provide information such as number of buyers & suppliers, name of the company, and category of the company, market size in volume (Metric Tonnes) & also in value (USD). In addition to the above mentioned information we also provide the contact information for the relevant companies i.e. Phone number, email Id, contact person name, designation & contact address for these buyers.

For Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) our API Market Size Database (Chemxpert) contains 320 suppliers from 40 countries 803 buyers across 95 countries. These Suppliers have total supplying capacity of 39120 MT In terms of volume and in terms of value these suppliers are supplying approx. 200 million USD. The suppliers from Chemxpert API Market Size Database cover approx. 80% of the total global market.