• Submitted data is not revealed or published anywhere so there is complete privacy of the data.
  • It is well recognized by all the member states of the European Pharmacopoeia Convention & few others as well.

COS is valid for five years from the date when it was originally granted.

    Information provided by Chemxpert for Certification of Suitability
  • Substance Name: Name of the chemical or active ingredient.
  • Substance Number: It gives information about the application number of the product.
  • Status: It provides the status of the application i.e. Valid, expired or withdrawn.
  • Type: It gives the type or category of the product.
  • Issue Date: It shows the start date from when Certification of suitability (CEP) comes into effect.
  • End Date: It provides the date on which Certification of suitability (CEP) is going to expire or has expired.
  • Certificate Number: It shows the certificate number or registration number of the Certification of suitability.
  • Certificant Name: It provides the name of the certificate holder.

For Example: There are 22 entries for Certification of suitability (CEP) of Paracetamol in our database. Information regarding one of them has been provided as under:

  • Substance Name: Paracetamol
  • Substance Number: 49
  • Status: Withdrawn
  • Type: Chemistry
  • Issue Date: 2001-10-22.
  • End Date: 2002-09-10.
  • Certificate Number: RO - CEP 2000-002
  • Certificant Name: Indukern Chemie