Chemxpert chemical buyer database covers fine & specialty chemicals like N,N-Dimethyl Formamide, where we provide global chemical buyer’s information for different Fine and Specialty chemicals.

Key Highlights of the Chemxpert Database

  • It covers 30 industries like agro chemicals industry, dyes and paint industry, reagents and catalysts, solvents etc.
  • It covers more than 1 million products among the above mentioned 30 industries.
  • It covers more than 2 million companies dealing the different chemicals.
  • It also provides route of synthesis for more than 0.3 million products.
  • It covers more than 200 countries across the globe.

Coverage of the Chemxpert Database:

  • 1. Technical Aspects covered by the Chemxpert chemical buyer database
    • Details of the products’ end application, route of synthesis, raw materials required for manufacturing.
    • Information regarding the chemical product can be drawn using product name & CAS No.
    • Global Patent information of the concerned chemical product & new product entry.
    • DMF filing, SPC/CEP info, Para IV & ANDA filing.
    • All certification information for buyers of the chemical products.
  • 2. Commercial Aspects covered by the Chemxpert chemical buyer database:
    • Global market size by volume & by value.
    • Five years’ future forecast for growth of the product.
    • Average Prices of the product.
    • Continent wise market segmentation
  • 3. Contact Details provided by Chemxpert chemical buyer database: Contact details for the buyer company i.e. name & designation of the key decision makers. Email address, contact address, contact number, country & continent name.

Chemxpert chemical buyer database also provides regulatory information of the products.

Chemxpert ensures highest level of correctness & consistency of data points and contact details. You can get instant access to global buyers’ info with their contacts for a specific products in an excel sheet.

For Example: For N,N-Dimethyl Formamide Chemxpert chemical buyer database provide 412 buyers covering around 40 countries.