Finished dosage formulation (FDF) Buyer:

Finished dosage formulation (FDF): FDF (Finished Dosage formulation): FDF means finished drug product that is ready for intake for the cure or subsiding the symptoms. FDFs can take a no. of dosage forms, i.e. tablets, capsules, topical gel, a liquid solution, or any other type. FDFs usually contain an API along with a no. of inactive ingredients i.e. excipients.

Finished dosage formulation (FDF) Buyers: Finished dosage formulations (FDF) Buyers are the buyers who buy finished dosage formulation (FDF) either for final consumption or for reselling it to final consumers.

Finished dosage formulation (FDF) Buyers can be categorized as under:

  • Finished dosage formulation (FDF) final Consumers: Finished dosage formulation (FDF) final Consumers buy for final consumption.
  • Finished dosage formulation (FDF) traders: Finished dosage formulation (FDF) traders are buyers who buy finished dosage formulation (FDF) for reselling it to final Consumers.

In our database we provide global buyer information for around 1 Million molecules of various industries and covering approx. 25000 drugs across 200 countries, and for these FDF we provide information such as number of buyers, name of the company, and category of the company, buying capacity in volume (MT) & also in value (USD). In addition to the above mentioned we also provide the contact information for the relevant companies i.e. Phone number, email ID, contact person name, designation & contact address for these buyers.

For example: For Paracetamol/Acetaminophen, our database (Chemxpert Database) contains 1575 buyers across 167 countries.

  • There are 1554 Brands available for paracetamol.
  • 163 FDF combinations are available for paracetamol
  • 27 Dosage Forms are available for paracetamol
  • 203 Dosage strengths are available for paracetamol
  • Country and brand name wise average prices are available
  • Year to year total drug sales in US is available: $ 1021 mn with a CAGR of -4.02%