The pharmaceutical industry produces drugs for use as medications to be given to patients with the aim to cure them. Pharmaceutical companies manufacture & sell innovative branded medications, generic drugs and medical devices. The pharmaceutical companies have to follow a no. of rules and regulations concerned with the drugs.

The pharmaceutical industry can generally be categorized into following 3 categories i.e. Pharmaceutical Intermediate Industry (raw material for API), API Industry & FDF (Finished Dosage formulation) Industry.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers on the basis of category can be classified as under:

  • Intermediate Manufacturers: Pharmaceutical intermediates are the core chemical ingredients in active pharmaceutical ingredients that are used in manufacturing medications for the treatment of various diseases. Intermediate Manufacturers are the suppliers for the API manufacturers and provide raw material for API manufacturing.
  • API Manufacturers: API manufacturers are the manufacturers who manufacture API from raw materials (pharmaceutical intermediate) through chemical and biological process. API Manufacturers act as buyers for intermediate Manufacturers & suppliers for the FDF manufacturers.
  • FDF (Finished Dosage formulation) Manufacturers: FDF means finished drug product that is ready for intake for the cure or subsiding the symptoms. FDFs can take a no. of dosage forms, i.e. tablets, capsules, topical gel, a liquid solution, or any other type. FDFs usually contain an API along with a no. of inactive ingredients i.e. excipients. FDF manufacturers are the buyers for the API manufacturers.

For example:

In API we have Paracetamol as an example in our database which shows 329 suppliers from 40 countries.

Similarly, For Intermediate we have N-heptane where we have 95 suppliers from 24 countries.

For Paracetamol FDF our database shows 1795 suppliers from 68 countries.

We have the entire Suppliers’ information i. e. Company name, company category, location of the plant, company address, contact information, email address etc.