Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API):

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) is the main ingredient in a pharmaceutical drug that is biologically active. The active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is the main part of a drug that produces the anticipated results for the treatment of the specific disease. Some drugs have multiple active ingredients to treat different symptoms or act in different ways.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Suppliers/ manufacturers: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) suppliers are the suppliers who either manufacture API & supply it to finished dosage formulation (FDF) or buy APIs from API manufacturers & resell it to finished dosage formulation manufacturers.

API Suppliers can be categorized as under:

  • API Manufacturers: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) manufacturers manufacture and supply APIs to Finished dosage formulation (FDF) manufacturers as well as to traders of the API.
  • API traders: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) traders are suppliers who buy APIs from API manufacturers resell it to finished dosage formulation manufacturers.

In our database we provide global supplier/Manufacturer information for around 1 Million molecules of various industries and covering approx. 237 countries. Out of over 1 million molecules there are more than 4500 APIs. Our database covers these APIs, and for these APIs we provide information such as number of buyers, name of the company, and category of the company, buying capacity in volume (Metric Tonnes) & also in value (USD). In addition to the above mentioned we also provide the contact information for the relevant companies i.e. Phone number, email Id, contact person name, designation & contact address for these buyers.

For example, Paracetamol/Acetaminophen our database (Chemxpert Database) contains 320 suppliers out of 40 countries. These Suppliers have total supplying capacity of 33835 MT In terms of volume and in terms of value these suppliers are supplying approx. 173.51 MUSD. These suppliers cover approx. 80% of the total global market.